Veneers in Layon

In the Layons segment, we slice a variety of  species like Red Oak, American Walnut, Sapeli, Indian Teak, Golden Maple, Golden Cedar, Poon, Vaka, Rosewood, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Laurel Wood. 

Splicing Layons is a method of joining veneer leaves together using glue or thread in order to create a variety of decorative visual effects.

We slice in quarter cut and plain sliced or crown cut and are available as layons in the required sizes. Spliced layons or sheets are widely used for furniture, panels, doors, flexible veneer sheets and for lamination on plywood, MDF, particle boards, etc.


Edge Glue and Thread Spliced


0.2,0.5,1.00 and 1.4 mm


2.5 meters and up

Ready to use Teak Veneers can be supplied for Indian markets in sizes for Plywood, Flush Doors, Block Boards & Particle Board Manufacturers, etc


0.2 mm (+5%)


2.5 meters & up


In Feet :
8*4, 8*3,7*3, 7*3’6” , 7*3
7*3’3”, 7*2’9”,7*2’6”,7*2’3”, 6*4, 6*3 and 6*2’6”

Small Sizes

5’ and below