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In the Layons segment, MP Veneers supplies a variety of species ranging from South East Asian Teak to American and European Hardwoods like Cherry, White Oak, Maple etc. Splicing Layons is a method of joining veneer leaves together using glue or thread in order to create a variety of decorative visual effects. We manufacture Quarter sliced and flat/plain sliced (Crown) Spliced Layons. Spliced Layons/Sheets are widely used for Furniture, Panels, Doors, Flexible Veneer Sheets and for laminating on Plywood, MDF, Particle Boards etc. Layons can be Edge Glue or Thread Spliced with Kuper Machine.

1.   Layons can be supplied for overseas markets in Sizes for Stock Panels, Wall Panels, Door Skins or       in sizes as per customer's requirement.
  Splicing Edge Glue and Thread Spliced
  Thickness 0.25, 0.5, 1.00 and 1.4 mm
    Teak procured from South East Asian Countries
  Length Upto 2.5 Meters
  Sizes In Inches : 50"x72", 50"x84", 50"x96", 50"x98", 50"x120" etc.
    In Cms : 280x187, 250x121, 250x125, 254x127, 250x127, 15x156, 210x96, 210x86
  Inspection Every Layon is inspected under illuminated Glass Top Table in order to avoid any defects like sap and open defects whatsoever.
2.   Ready to use Teak Veneers can be supplied for Indian Market in sizes, for Plywood, Flush Doors,       Block Boards & Particle Board Manufactures, etc...
  Splicing Edge Glue and Thread Spliced
  Thickness 0.25mm ( + 5% )
  Length Upto 2.44 Meters
  Sizes In Feet : 8x4, 8x3, 7x4, 7x3' 9", 7x3' 6", 7x3' 3 ", 7x3, 7x2' 9", 7x2' 6", 7x2' 3",6x4, 6x3 and 6x2' 6"
  Small Sizes 5' and below
  Teak   Teak   Teak  
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