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Wood is mankind's oldest, yet most modern material. Even in this age of synthetic and metallurgical miracles, fine decorative hardwood has a special place which no other material can take. Wood has lasting beauty and warmth that only nature can create.

Like finger prints, the grain patterns of no two trees are exactly alike. This ever-interesting individualism is one of the most appealing factors of genuine wood when compared with the monotonous patterns of synthetic substitutes, imitations and other materials.

Teak is mostly found in South East Asia, African Continent and in South America.

Teak is known in India since the 18th Century. The first ever systematic effort for increasing the incidence of Teak in forests was way back in the year 1842. During the British Rule, the rules for the conservation of forests in India were promulgated in 1855. Sir Dietrich Bandis was appointed as the Inspector General of Forests in 1864 and the first Forest Act for India was drafted in 1865.

Since then, forests which include Teak, have been in designated areas of India. Teak is grown in the States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka which are the prominent States which have well managed Teak forests in the country. The chain of custody is strictly followed and forest being a State subject, the Teak coming out of these forests are regularly auctioned in various depots located in these areas.
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